July 22 The Brass King

DJ Producer
No one genre can define the method, how he seamlessly weaves through music space and time, to remind you about what you have forgotten and to introduce you to what you need to hear. Through his rare collection of sound “the audio fondelist” provokes a dance floor with feel good music. His mantra; “For requests, contact your local radio station”
When his DJ night spots are not enough, he’ll sell you his dose of Aboveground music therapy for any ailment, with mixes, like the unique blend of original production and classic music on “The Renaissance of Hip Hop” or single mother therapy on “Crazy Baby Mama” or the slow and sensual “Aphrodisia Its A Place Not A Thing”. It’s no secret, his music is Above Ground!!!
BK has been blasting his sound for the past 18 years at some of the hottest spots in the Unites States and around the world. You are guaranteed to hear him touch a little of everything in one nights set. His music is for the Trendsetters who are chic before it hits mainstream, they beat to their own drum and start the styles that become duplicated!!!
The Brass King will not only share his old vinyl and CDs but will collectively explore the many similarities in music and lifestyle. “We have many different names and descriptions for musical genre today, but it all stems from the same place – Africa home of the original drum!” – proclaims The Brass King

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